San Rafael Swell




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Little Wild Horse (Bell Loop) 4 3 – 4,-110.810799 8.7 Loop
Crack Canyon 4 3,-110.7473866 4.0 X
Chute Canyon 4 3,-110.7654798 4.5 X
Black Dragon Petroglyph & Slickrock 4 4,-110.4256515. Exit Highway 70 at an unsigned, unpaved road at Mile Post 145. Pass through the wire gate and head north after traveling 2.8 miles there is a large parking area.  At 2.4 miles you will pass a double arch. From the parking lot follow the road up canyon to the huge alcove. Access the slick rock slope over the alcove to the right of the alcove where it is less steep. 6.4 X
Ding & Dang 5 5,-110.8245608 5.0 Loop
Wild Horse Window 3 3,-110.6851356. Location of Wild Horse Window,-110.6851356 3.0 X
Buckhorn Wash (Pictograph Panel)


5 1,-110.6960696. This is on Highway 332 which is accessible from I-70 or Carbon Dale.
Wedge Overlook


5 1,-110.7142453. The site is accessible from I-70 and Carbon Dale.
Three Fingers Canyon 3 3 Exit 7 miles off of Highway 24 and pass over a cattle guard and then set your odometer to zero. At 3.7 there is a good spot to collect Red Jasper Rock. in an additional .5 miles heading toward the reef, the road ends in a small parking area. You’ll see the notch in the reef and just hike toward it. There is a nice petroglyph panel on the canyon wall. 3.7 X
Uneva Mine 3 3 Follow the dirt road to the north to reach the Uneva Mine 3.0 X
Goblin Valley 4 2,-110.8382078 3.0 Loop