Hiking Pioneer Point

June 7th, 2017

This is a spectacular hike from the rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison down to the river ending at the Curecanti Needle. The Curecanti Needle is a rock formation that was featured on the logo of the scenic railroad that traveled through that part of the canyon.

The hike is a journey of many dimensions. You start hiking through a mile of desert-like terrain that abruptly transforms into a forest-like setting as you make your descent along Curecanti Creek. Two bridges facilitate crossing the creek with scenic views of the water falls.

A distinctive feature of the hike is hearing the roar of Curecanti Creek tumbling down 900 feet of elevation change on its way to join the Gunnison River. The lower section of the hike has cave-like openings that push out cold air. One of them still contained some left-over snow providing needed coolness on a warm day.

The lower part of the trail is rocky and steep. You know you’re getting close after you cross the second bridge and pass a picnic area with a table and a bear-proof box for garbage.

Suddenly, you’re at the river and you say wow as you view the vertical walls of the canyon. After a brief rest and a snack, you have to face the tough 2 mile strenuous 900-foot ascent back to the trail head.

Since our words can’t do justice for this hike, enjoy our YouTube video of this awesome adventure.