The Hiking Blog

April 24th, 2017

This is our first post so it has to be about hiking and adventure. We’re pretty fortunate to live close to so many great hikes and destination spots. It has been a year round activity for us even when the snow is piled deep on our alpine trails in the San Juan’s to the south and Crested Butte to the east. We travel north and west to Grand Junction and canyon country in Utah and keep on hiking.

The learning curve has been steep from being rookies just learning to find the trail head to seasoned veterans exploring WOW hikes all over the southwestern United States. This blog shares our thoughts and ideas from what we have learned from miles on the trail. In addition, we have planned adventures for our friends and the Cobble Creek Hiking Club so we’ll share input from these experiences.

Some of our posts will highlight hikes so you get an idea of we think about certain trails. Yes, some trails are better and more exciting than others. There are also times of the year that are better for hiking certain areas. We’ll be covering all these topics.

Equipment and gear always draws a lot of questions. One of the advantages we have experienced is hiking with others and seeing the gear they were using. This gave us the opportunity to ask questions and find out various opinions about what works and what doesn’t and why. We’ll being sharing these opinions with you.

One of the aspects of our hiking and adventure activities has been identifying reliable research material and books. Some blog posts will give you an idea of how we go about learning about where to hike and what to see on hikes.

Hiking safety is one our big concerns. We see a lot of people on trails that are poorly equipped to handle emergency situations. It can happen and it has happened to us. Learn how to cope with and the best ways to handle stressful situations on the trail. We think we have condensed safety equipment and kits down to what is really essential.

I am a photographer so taking pictures on each hike has been important. Now we’re taking video which is making our hiking adventures even more fun. So look for our images, videos, and photography tips in future blog posts.

We have so much to share with everyone and it will be a fun journey. Our new website will take you with us on our hikes and adventures. Come along with us and enjoy our adventure knowledge and experiences.